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Oct 25, 2017

Shaping the intestinal microbiota could help optimize pets wellbeing

At the Nordic Pet Food Seminar 2017, which was dedicated to pet health and wellbeing, Francesca Susca, Ph.D., DVM, Pet Development Manager at Lallemand Animal Nutrition, gave a lecture titled: Reaching Pet Well-being Through the Modulation of the Gut Microflora: Gut, the Second Brain?

Based on an extensive scientific review of the issues related to well-being in companion animals and humans, this was an opportunity to highlight the link between gut microbiota and growing concerns in dogs and cats that go beyond gut health, such as obesity, atopic dermatitis or anxiety, with special attention to the brain-gut axis, an area of proven expertise for Lallemand. The overall conclusion of her presentation was that “shaping the intestinal microbiota through supplementation with specifically selected and developed functional ingredients could be a way to optimize pets’ overall health and, consequently, improve pet wellbeing.”

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