Biofuels & Distilled Spirits

Lallemand Biofuels & Distilled Spirits (LBDS) is the industry leader in supplying fermentation ingredients and value-added services (expert technical support, troubleshooting and educational programs) to the ethanol industry in both the biofuels and distilled spirits sectors.
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LBDS specialises in the research, development and marketing of yeast, yeast nutrients, antimicrobials and enzymes. In addition, we offer custom-tailored solutions designed to create value and meet the specific requirements of your plant or distillery needs.  

Technical support

LBDS supports customers through a team of experienced technical sales and service experts, who serve as consultants to identify specific needs and deliver precise product solutions, comprehensive training, effective troubleshooting and invaluable laboratory services.

Education – The Ethanol Technology Institute

The Ethanol Technology Institute (ETI) serves as the educational arm of LBDS and was established with the primary objective of delivering top-tier industry education within the biofuels and distilled spirits industries.

ETI hosts ‘The Alcohol School’, a multi-day event tailored for professionals. The school takes place multiple times annually and boasts global reach, with locations spanning North America, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean. ETI also conducts operational-focused education programs, specifically for those in the biofuels sector (mainly the US), which include, ‘The Biofuels Academy’ and on site, plant specific and Lunch & Learns.

An additional testament to ETI’s commitment to ethanol education is the publication of ‘The Alcohol Textbook’, which is considered the preeminent source of the most comprehensive technical reference book within the industry.