Lallemand Pharma AG, based in Massagno (Switzerland) is a pharmaceutical company that specializes in the development and commercialization of respiratory products having the status of drug or medical device.
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Products and Brands

The company oversees the business and first possesses the intellectual property rights of an immunostimulant drug known as PMBL® sublingual tablets. The original PMBL® active pharmaceutical ingredient is produced in the Lallemand GMP Pharma facility. Lallemand Pharma markets all around the world drugs containing PMBL® under different brands: Ismigen®, Immubron®, Respibron®, PIR-05® and Pulmigen®.

PMBL® is indicated in the prevention and treatment of recurrent respiratory tract infections. Lallemand Pharma also developed a new line of nasal sprays that contain a postbiotic ingredient derived from a Lallemand proprietary marine bacteria called Symbiofilm®. Symbiofilm® demonstrates to prevent and reduce the development of pathogenic biofilms by mechanical action and also reduces the attachment of respiratory viruses on the nasal mucosa. Symbiofilm® also creates its own protective biofilm.

The line of nasal sprays containing Symbiofilm® can be proposed either with a bag on valve technology or with manual spray pump, enjoys a CE marking allowing commercialization all over Europe since April 2021 as well as distribution worldwide.