Feb 5, 2021

Lallemand Health Solutions and the Natural Health Product Research Alliance (NHP RA) affiliated with the University of Guelph, both Canadian entities, are proud to have concluded a long-term partnership to implement the Purity-IQ™ Certification Program, hence committing to improved standardization for the authentication of probiotic strains.

Lallemand Health Solutions has developed strain specific primers that have been integrated and validated by the NHP RA for the bKITS platform and to be used with the innovative qPCR thermal cycler bCUBE for in-house identification of strains. The bCUBE is manufactured and distributed by Hyris Ltd a privately held, UK-based biotechnology company. It enables genetic testing of biological samples in any setting, at any time, with real time access to results on the dedicated cloud-based software platform.

“bCUBE is a plug and play thermal cycler that can be purchased together with strain-specific bKITs for in-house strain identification. The small laboratory apparel can be connected to a computer or linked to a mobile phone through a specially designed application. Easy to use, the reagent is inserted in the cartridge with the sample to test. Results are received within two hours after pressing GO”, explains Paul D. Valder, cofounder and chief technical officer at Purity-IQ™.

The validation protocol for this innovation has been published in the AOAC Journal. Complimented with the robust Purity-IQ Certification Program, it provides added assurance for probiotic strain authenticity within the natural health products industry.

“As the world’s first certification program founded on cutting edge DNA biotechnology, we support businesses who seek authentic ingredients. The bCUBE technology and Purity-IQ’s certification program, provide partners and consumers with confidence in the authenticity of food and natural health products” confirms Dr. Steven Newmaster, a recognized global leader in NHP authentication at NHP RA.

Continuous investments for quality probiotics

“Through our expertise to supply the best probiotic strains and products, together with an undeniable commitment for continuing research and development and skilled customer care it is in our own DNA to commit to increasing the trustworthiness of probiotics. As a leading world-class probiotic manufacturer, we aim at excellence and customers’ confidence by obtaining internationally recognized accreditations and licenses such as Purity-IQ™.” reminds Marie-Eve Boyte, Scientific Affairs Director at Lallemand Health Solutions.

The certification logo from the Purity-IQ™ Certification Program provides a means to communicate this added quality assurance to customers with a product label that can be displayed on packaging. In an era where clean-label and full transparency is highly valued this is of the utmost interest for partners and consumers. As a gold sponsor, Lallemand Health Solutions will be in a privileged position to facilitate the implementation of this technology.