Join the champion of yeasts and bacteria – Interview with Mylène Caussette

Feb 24, 2022

The Monde des Grandes Écoles et Universités has just published an interview with our colleague Mylène Caussette in its Grandes Écoles et Universités magazine.

Innovation Director at Lallemand Bio-ingredients and Baking Solutions, Mylène graduated from INSA and is passionate about biotechnology. In the interview she shares her passion and her experience at Lallemand. The Monde des Grandes Écoles et Universités is a multimedia player, a link between professional, student and academic communities.

To read the interview: https://www.mondedesgrandesecoles.fr/lallemand-rejoignez-le-champion-des-levures-et-des-bacteries-linterview-de-mylene-caussette/