Getting back to basics with the Yeast Bucket Challenge from Lallemand Oenology in Australia

Mar 30, 2021

The harvest is underway and almost finishing in Australia, and our Australian colleagues have launched since January The Yeast Bucket Challenge for their customers.

We all know that a successful fermentation starts with a proper yeast rehydration and the Australian team have launched this campaign on social media and on their web site to remind winemakers that a complete fermentation is key to the success and quality of their wines.  More than ever in a time of pandemic, you want to be efficient and you also want reliability in your fermentation.

From this fun initiative, there has been a real interest and strong participation. Our distribution partner, Winequip was also promoting the YBC.

Winemakers would publish their videos or photos on the Facebook page of Lallemand Australia, showing their rehydration technique, and a winner was declared every fortnight and was rewarded with a bottle of  R. Pouillon Champagne. The last winner, Armand Lacomme the Senior Winemaker at Winemasters South Australia located in the Riverland at Monash sent this video and we invite you to look and see the work that some have put behind their YBC.

A fun and educational challenge and congratulations to the Australian team for putting this together.