Research centers

Lallemand conducts its research and development through a combination of external collaborations and internal projects. Key ongoing collaborations in Canada include Laval University, McGill University, and The Research Centers of Agriculture Canada. Outside of Canada, they include INRA (National Institute for Agricultural Research) in France, and Versuchanstalt der Hefeindustrie at the Berlin Technical University in Germany.

Internal projects are conducted at specialized laboratories in Canada and France:

  • Biotechnology Research Institute (Montréal,Canada )
    Yeast genetics and fermentation research
    Pilot plant for yeast process development and scaleup
    Yeast and bacteria genetic identification
  • Notre Dame Technical Center (Montréal, Canada)
    Baking yeast, bacteria, and enzyme product development
  • Institut Rosell (Montréal, Canada)
    Bacteria characterization for human nutrition
  • Toulouse Laboratory (Toulouse, France)
    Application development laboratory for fermented beverages and process development for bacteria production
  • CRDA (Ste Hyacinthe, Canada)
    Yeast and bacteria genetic identification
  • INRA (Theix, France)
    Research on probiotics for animal nutrition