VINEUS range 2019 launch at Château Angélus by Lallemand Plant Care

Mar 15, 2019

Lallemand Plant Care team is proud to count Château Angélus, 1er grand cru classé Saint Emilion one of the world’s most prestigious wine chateaus in Bordeaux, amongst his early adopters of VINEUS new range of products for the vine.

The Vineus range 2019 launch day unfolded with quality presentations about the process of flowering, the maturation, and customer testimonial on 2 years’s experience of use of Vineys products.

We warmly thank Benjamin Laforêt (Château Angélus), Franck Girard (Groupe Perret), Matthieu Morel (Lallemand Plant Care), Alain Kleiber (Auréa Agrosciences) and Séverine Dupin (Agriculture Chamber of Bordeaux) for the quality of their speeches.

We also would like to thank the whole team of Château Angélus who contributed to making this day a red-letter day for VINEUS and especially Marion Millaire (Château Angélus) for sharing her passion for this great winery.