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Nov 29, 2016

Sil-All third distributors meeting: when cooperation spells success!

On November 9-10, the Sil-All team held its third distributors meeting in Budapest, Hungary. More than 60 distributors from all over Europe, most of them new to Sil-All distributors network, gathered for two days of technical and practical presentations, exchanges and networking around a common concern: the importance of forage quality in the challenging context of dairy production. Farming strategies and success stories were shared from different countries. All agreed that good silage quality is crucial to cow performance, health, as well as reproduction, and can participate to dairy farm profitability. This was particularly well illustrated by a large dairy farm success story from Turkey (1,800 cows in total) demonstrating that dairy farm profitability can be a reality, and that, at the end of the day, silage inoculants help farmers make money.

Participants learned of the benefits of alternative forage types, such as beetroot or high moisture grains, and the impact of climate change on silage fermentation. As the face of farming is changing, the meeting proved that Sil-All inoculants can contribute to farmers’ successes, and our partners are part of these successes all around Europe.

Finally, the meeting was also an opportunity for our distributors to prepare for the 2017 campaign with latest news on Sil-All trials and the official launch of the new Sil-All website web and Facebook page, a great platform to pursue exchanges between Lallemand, our distributors and farmers.


Sil-All third distributors meeting: when cooperation spells success!