Research centers

Back in 1938, our company founder stated that “cooperation spells success”. Those words, still valid today for Lallemand, embody our belief that that world-class innovation cannot be achieved without working side-by-side with public and private research centers and educational institutions, renowned application schools, and third-party independent experts.

Much of the research and development conducted in Lallemand is executed through a combination of external partnerships and internal projects. At any given point in time, we are engaged in dozens of international collaborations, in initiatives ranging from fundamental research to more specific, applied ones.

Today, Lallemand is working with more than 200 collaboration partners from 25 countries. Some of these key ongoing collaborations in Canada include Laval University, McGill University, and the research centers of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. Pivotal cooperation ventures outside of Canada include INRA (National Institute for Agricultural Research) in France, and Versuchsanstalt der Hefeindustrie at the Berlin Technical University in Germany.

Lallemand also has a strong set of specialized laboratories around the world, aimed at further developing applied research of our products and to ensure we deliver outstanding value to our customers and partners. These centers are:

National Research Council, Montréal, Canada
  • Optimization of yeast production processes
  • Molecular biology
  • Brewing applications laboratory
  • Human nutrition and health applications laboratory (Institut Rosell)
  • Biofuels & Distilled Spirits laboratory
  • Animal nutrition
  • Bio-Ingredients laboratory
Lallemand Plant Care, Inoculant R&D Facility, Saskatoon, SK, Canada
  • Research & Development laboratory
  • Plant growth room, bench and small scale fermentation capacity, for evaluating, improving, and developing existing and new inoculants
Montréal Technical Centers, Canada
  • Bakery applications laboratory
  • Bio-Ingredients (food) applications laboratory
Mascoma Team, Lebanon, NH, USA
  • Molecular biology of yeast
  • Analytical service center
Duluth Applications & Support Laboratory, Atlanta, USA
  • Biofuels & Distilled Spirits technical support
Forage Research Center, Miner Institute, Chazy, NY, USA
  • Animal Nutrition Applications laboratory
Pilot Lab and Plant, Toulouse, France
  • Optimization of bacteria and dairy cultures production processes
  • Oenology applications laboratory
Aquapharm Marine Strain collection of yeasts, bacteria and fungi, Oban, Scotland, UK
  • Strain maintenance and screening
DDGF Pilot Plant, Grenaa, Denmark
  • Yeast fermentation and fractioning
INRA, Theix, France
  • Animal Nutrition Applications laboratory
Competence Center of Food and Fermentation Technologies, Tallinn, Estonia
  • Optimization of yeast derivative production processes
  • Research on yeast-derived bioactive compounds
Laboratorio Farroupilha, bacteria and fungi, Patos de Minas, Brazil
  • Development and testing of new bio-pesticides on live insect models
  • Improvement of solid state fungus production
  • Quality Control of fungus and bacteria production
Best Bake Laboratories, Breda, The Netherlands
  • Bakery applications laboratory
Dairy and Meat Application Laboratory, La Ferté sous Jouarre, France
  • Dairy and Meat Applications laboratory