R&D vision


New thoughts and new ideas create new deeds. When they are for the betterment of mankind may they succeed… Cooperation spells success.

Fred A. Lallemand, 1938


This 1938 quote from our company’s founder clearly reflects the spirit of innovation and cooperation that prevails in the way we work. Today, like yesterday, this determination to innovate and cooperate in order to develop new products and processes continues to guide most of Lallemand’s activities.

At Lallemand we see research and development as a key element of our strategy, having over 200 scientists as part of our global research and development force. This focus in R&D ultimately allows us to successfully identify and serve the needs of the market segments in which we strive to play an active and leading role.


Improve Product Quality: continuously improve the quality of our products in order to respond to the demands of our existing and potential clients.

Maximize Productivity: constantly enhance the productivity and output of our processes.

Develop new applications and products: respond to, and ideally anticipate, the needs of the marketplace by developing new products for markets we are already in, or by developing new applications for products we already produce.

Develop competences and networks: Develop competences and networks by monitoring new developments in the sectors of biotechnology, microbiology and engineering, and by providing our staff with effective ongoing education, ultimately promoting successful transfers of technology.