Mascoma is one of Lallemand’s research and development centers, focused primarily in new industrial biotechnology products. It is a semi-independent group that leads the way, on a global basis, in developing microbial products and applications that enable the efficient and sustainable production of fuels, feed, and food.

Products that emerge from the Mascoma group create competitive advantage for customers using them, by expanding the horizons of what microorganisms can do. Business applications and benefits of these products include higher yielding ethanol production, lower cost enzymes, and savings relating to faster and simpler food and beverage processing.

Mascoma’s 12,000 square foot laboratory space, located in Lebanon, New Hampshire, is the place where no idea is impossible, no limit is definitive, and no product application is out-of-bounds: simply put, asking “why not?” is Mascoma’s ethos.

Mascoma’s innovation, philosophy and vision

At Mascoma we use a science-driven approach to develop new products across a wide variety of applications. The group’s vision is to be in a world in which renewable energy, sustainable food supply, and a healthy environment can be achieved by combining cutting-edge innovation with the efficient use of sustainable resources. The possibilities are limitless.

The Mascoma team utilizes the tools of modern biotechnology to develop new and innovative microorganisms. Biotechnology (also known as genetic engineering or synthetic biology) is a well-proven, safe, and increasingly powerful set of tools that has revolutionized agriculture, food production, and pharmaceutical development across the world.

The Mascoma team believes the use of these tools will allow humankind to meet the ever-increasing expectations of raising living standards, to reduce its environmental impact and to decrease food waste and energy use in the food and beverage production process.

This shared belief drives Mascoma’s efforts and product development. As such, some of the products emerged from the Mascoma team are currently being used in bioethanol generation, supporting the world’s transition from fossil fuels to biofuels, which has ultimately been shown to be one of the best existing approaches lower the emission levels of greenhouse gasses.

But the challenges the world is currently facing do not end with energy use. At Mascoma we believe we will need innovative solutions across a broad spectrum of technologies, including food production, energy generation, agriculture and health.

Success stories

The Mascoma team has successfully developed products that pushed the envelope of what was possible in baking, brewing, and bioethanol production. These products, brought to the market by Lallemand´s Brewing, Baking, and Biofuels & Distilled Spirits units, are a reflection of how the Mascoma group’s philosophy can be materialized in real-life applications, bringing tangible and concrete value to Lallemand´s customers and partners.

  • TransFerm family of products: aimed at the bioethanol production industry using mashed corn grain, is a strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae able to express glucoamylase and reduce glycerol production by the modification of specific genes within its DNA. These two elements result in higher yields and reduction in input costs, perfectly aligning with Mascoma’s aim of supporting the use of biofuels.
  • FiberFerm and C5 Fuel products family are groundbreaking solutions for cellulosic ethanol production, capable of converting 5-carbon sugars. Since these sugars are only slowly fermented by yeasts in nature, they were previously under-utilized in bioethanol production. By having the ability to efficiently ferment these sugars, the use of the FiberFerm and C5 Fuel line increases bioethanol production yields and reduces waste, facilitating transition from fossil fuels and lessening humankind’s environmental impact.
  • SucraMax is based on a strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae specifically selected for bioethanol production from sugar cane fermentation. SucraMax has a unique glycerol reduction pathway, and an exceptional resistance to highly stressful conditions in the sugar-cane fermentation process, resulting in better bioethanol production yields, once again facilitating the transition to bioethanol and moving away from fossil fuels.
  • Sourvisiae®, marketed exclusively in the United States by Lallemand Brewing, is a bioengineered ale yeast strain capable of producing lactic acid during fermentation. This revolutionary product contains a single genetic modification which enables the yeast to produce high levels of lactic acid, the main compound that gives sour beers their flavor. By reducing cross-contamination risks and cutting total process time, brewers are able to lower production costs and produce more consistent beer. These business benefits translate in energy use reduction, and a decrease in waste in food and beverage production.
  • Softzyme – brought to the market by Lallemand Baking Solutions group – is an enzyme used in solutions to the baking industry that allows industrial bread makers to obtain bread that displays a consistent softness and texture throughout its shelf life. But most importantly, Softzyme enables bakers to extend the bread’s shelf life, reducing bread returns and ultimately supply chain and logistics costs. From an environmental perspective, this business value translates in a reduction of food waste, fuel use and carbon emissions.
Working at the Mascoma laboratories

Working at Mascoma offers the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of a start-up company along with all of the opportunities and resources that come with working as part of a global organization.

At Mascoma we are committed to hiring individuals with top-notch expertise and skills that will effectively contribute to the Lallemand group’s success. Mascoma is always seeking candidates with experience in molecular biology, metabolic engineering, protein engineering, data analytics, bioprocessing, and bioprocess engineering.

If you possess a passion for science, and are eager to work as an integral part of our dedicated team, we encourage you to apply. We offer a collaborative, innovative work environment, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Lebanon, NH area. If you are interested in applying to Mascoma, do not hesitate to apply online or view our current openings. We continually aim to increase the diversity and inclusiveness of our workforce, recognizing that fresh perspectives and diverse life experiences bring about the new ideas and creativity that make our team succeed.