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Lallemand Plant Care brings value to growers with microorganism-based solutions. We believe beyond any doubt that microorganisms are an integral part of the grower's toolbox and bring real added value.
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We understand that every harvest matters and that’s why our focus on quality and innovation is unwavering. Plant Care’s activities range from the identification and selection of the most suitable strains to produce high quality microorganisms for agriculture and forestry through application recommendations for products we know inside out. We develop and market easy-to-use products known for consistent, well-documented performance that seamlessly integrate into existing practices to address specific challenges.
With the broadest portfolio of microorganism-based solutions on the market, Lallemand Plant Care offers products to grow, enhance and protect plants without leaving harmful pesticide residues in the environment. We categorize these products into three distinct categories:

  1. Biofertilization: We optimize soil resources, making nutrients available to plants through methods like nitrogen fixation and phosphorus solubilization. We also enhance plant root exploration by associating mycorrhizal fungi, increasing plant absorption capacity.
  2. Plant Protection or Biocontrol: We use natural methods with microbial products to prevent plant diseases and pests by harnessing beneficial microorganisms like bacteria and fungi.
  3. Biostimulation: This technique boosts plant tolerance to stress and enhances natural processes, leading to improved crop yield and quality.

Our Brands

Partnerships with universities and research centres around the world

Lallemand collaborates with leading universities and research centers worldwide to explore plant-microorganism interactions and develop innovative solutions for agricultural challenges. These partnerships complement our in-house research efforts, allowing us to address growers’ needs effectively and stay at the forefront of modern agricultural solutions.