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Lallemand Baking strives to be a long-term partner with bakery customers — large, medium and small. As a world-class producer of quality bakers yeast, and a provider of innovative solutions and outstanding expert technical support, we are passionate about delivering quality products and services, about becoming long-term baking supply chain partners, and about our evolutionary mindset of driving customer value by providing innovative baking solutions while “Raising Baking Standards”.

Lallemand Baking is also strongly committed to producing safe food and ingredients, and we relentlessly work to improve our process and to increase the quality of our products and services. Quality and food safety provide the foundation for Lallemand Baking’s business through all of its operations, including distribution, storage, and transportation.

Additionally, Lallemand Baking offers a global team of experts, working under the umbrella of Lallemand Baking.

Lallemand Baking Solutions: Innovation by Application

Lallemand Baking Solutions is a global team of baking experts with a focus on industrial baking processes, delivering customer-tailored ingredient solutions. The customized baking solutions developed and implemented with bakeries are:

  • Based on Lallemand’s own fermentation and enzyme technology expertise
  • Driven by consumer insights and deep application know-how

The Lallemand Baking Solutions team is flexible, responsive and understands your business, and strives to deliver bakeries with a solution that matches their needs, and delivers value to them and their customers.

Visit the Lallemand Baking’s website to learn more about its bakers yeast product line, baking applications or baking technology, or to find out more about Lallemand Baking Solutions.