Lallemand Health Solutions Invites You to An Interactive Virtual Visit of Harmonium 2, Mirabel, Canada

Dec 20, 2021

An Interactive Virtual Visit of Harmonium 2, Mirabel, Canada

Lallemand Health Solutions invites you to discover its brand-new 11 000 square meter cutting-edge plant, equipped with state-of-the-art probiotics production machinery and complying with the highest quality standards and good manufacturing practice guidelines. To welcome a maximum of people inside its walls, Lallemand Health Solutions has produced a virtual visit experience to explore this new facility through a series of 360° environments and interactive activities, to learn step-per-step, how probiotics are made.

“We are very proud to have built this new facility from scratch, leveraging decades of internal know-how and implementing the latest state-of-the-art technologies for fermentation, freeze-drying and packaging of probiotics,” starts Jérôme Panes, President and General Manager at Lallemand Health Solutions. “This huge project was made possible and managed by Martin Coté and his engineering team including, Jonathan Mondou Phaneuf, Serge Brault and Said Labdar, our production team championed by Cynthia Chasles and our quality assurance director Antonella Maggio who ensured implementation of the highest quality standards and follow through the certification programs. We are impressed by all the people that made Harmonium 2 come alive and it is with great honor that we are opening wide the doors of our newest plant, so our partners and colleagues can see for themselves the processes involved in the production of quality probiotic, from strain fermentation to complete solutions.” he concludes.

The virtual tour is made from clickable interaction points with interactive content set in draggable 360° environments. Visitors will be able to navigate through the production steps, get in-depth processes explanations in a unique microbiology micromodule and get a sneak science peek to better understand the science behind the scenes.

Would you like to watch it? Why not right now? Visit our website  and click on the “Virtual Visit” button to take a tour.