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Aug 12, 2017

Lallemand Animal Nutrition hosts silage training in China

A seminar about High Moisture Corn (HMC) silage was held by Lallemand Animal Nutrition China and the distributor MRD in Hohhot Inner Mongolia, in July, with the support of the Yili group.

Lallemand Australia’s expert, Trevor Schoorl delivered the training on key points of control of high moisture corn (HMC),  while Dr Hui Liu from Lallemand Animal Nutrition China was responsible for the translation.  After the training, all attendees went to Ershijia dairy farm of Yili, and learnt how to evaluate the HMC silage quality on site by smell, color and temperature.

Thanks to the combination of theoretical and practice training, all attendees understand the making process and advantage of HMC silage.

Lallemand Animal Nutrition China and Yili launched Lalsil Combo,  the first commercial HMC inoculant in China, in November 2016.