Innovative new product for Lallemand Brewing: WildBrew Philly Sour

Oct 2, 2020

WildBrewTM Philly Sour is the first non-Saccharomyces species introduced by Lallemand Brewing and is the result of a collaboration with the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, PA. This yeast, a new species of Lachancea, was isolated from a tree growing in a graveyard of West Philadelphia and gives a sophisticated sourness to beer without the need to use bacteria. WildBrewTM Philly Sour is the latest addition to our portfolio of Sour Beer solutions that currently comprises two bacteria (WildBrewTM SourPitch and WildBrewTM Helveticus Sour) and a bioengineered yeast called Sourvisiae® (sold exclusively in the USA).

Launched two months ago in the middle of the COVID crisis, WildBrewTM Philly Sour is already a success for commercial brewers that are slowly coming back into business, and a hit with homebrewers. A large number of people have taken on the hobby of making beer at home in the last four months; this particular yeast offers (for the first time) an easy way for them to make sour beer without using bacteria. See our press release and the video of this patented product

The Larimer Beer Company in Chester PA has launched a guava and passion fruit sour “Speed-oh-Season Fruit Tart” made with WildBrewTM Philly Sour. Our logo and that of the University are visible on the can (3 pictures). The brewers of Philadelphia and the surroundings are incredibly excited to brew with this new local yeast.