Growing yeast from trees – first successful scale-up of microbial feed ingredients from sustainable resources

Nov 15, 2021

For few years Lallemand Animal Nutrition is a partner in the Norwegian center for research-based innovation, Foods of Norway. The center aims at developing and documenting high-quality, sustainable feed ingredient that can replace conventional protein sources. Yeast (C. utilis) made from Norwegian spruce trees is one candidate high in the agenda of this center.

An important milestone has been reached earlier this year: a successful industrial scale-up of 1,600 kg of hydrolysed yeast (C. utilis) produced from sugars from Norwegian spruce trees. The project was a joint effort by Lallemand, Borregaard, and the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), all partners in Foods of Norway at NMBU.

This achievement was made possible thanks to the support of corporate RnD (tftak in Estonia ) and LBI team (our plant in Salutaguse produced the yeast) ! The yeast is presently being used in large-scale feeding trials with pigs and Atlantic salmon, in collaboration with leading feed companies in Foods of Norway.

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