Lallemand Oenology has counted itself among the world leaders in selecting, developing, producing and marketing innovative microbiological solutions for the wine industry since 1970.
Lallemand Oenology 

Original by culture

Visionary microbiological solutions from vine to wine.

Our natural solutions originate from the biodiversity found in different terroirs, including Saccharomyces and non-Saccharomyces wine yeast, Oenococcus and non-Oenococcus wine bacteria. These natural microorganisms and their derivatives make it possible to reveal and maximise the grapes’ full potential throughout the winemaking process, from vine to bottle, also respecting the individuality of each wine.

We are the only company able to produce wine yeasts, wine bacteria, nutrients and inactivated yeasts, adapted to vineyards and oenological applications.

Combining Research, Innovation and Acceleration

With nature as our main inspiration, our R&D focus is to anticipate winegrowers’, winemakers’ and market’s needs.

Lallemand Oenology was one of the first companies to understand the importance of collaborating with universities and research institutes, to be at the forefront of technological advances.
For over half a century, our Research & Development team has contributed to enriching our knowledge and expertise in wine microbiology. It has a strong focus on the phenotypes and metabolism of the microorganisms involved in fermentation, and also on the impact of yeasts derivatives in the vineyards, in winemaking and on wine quality.

Our optimised processes, exhaustive characterisation studies, full process of validation of new solutions, and rigorous quality policy allow us to offer a reliable and complete range of natural and visionary solutions to help wine producers throughout their complete winemaking journey.

A deep understanding of our products and of the synergies emerging between them constitutes an invaluable asset we offer to support winemakers. We are able to propose complete and tailored solutions that correspond and respond to market changes and challenges.

During the winemaking process itself, our natural solutions can also be used as biocontrol and bioprotection agents. These solutions reduce the need for sulphites, protect wine from oxidation and limit the development of undesirable aromatic compounds and microorganisms.

Most of our products are authorized for use in natural and organic winemaking.

A full range of natural and visionary products

A deep understanding of our products and of the synergies between them constitutes an invaluable asset to support winemakers from the vineyards to the wine bottle. Responding to market changes, consumer demands, wine producing challenges and committing to a more sustainable future, we propose complete and tailored natural solutions: Vineyard solutions, selected wine yeasts, selected wine bacteria, yeast & bacteria nutrients and protectors, specific yeast derivatives, wine enzymes and chitosan-based solutions.

Lallemand Oenology is your partner, wherever you are

To understand their specific requirements, working closely with winemakers and our distribution partners is essential. With our presence in all major winemaking regions around the world, Lallemand Oenology works in a collaborative spirit and sharing our expertise is intrinsic to our culture. We are committed to communicating our knowledge and results with the wine industry. With our on-site teams, we organise meetings with our clients and partners across the globe to discuss research and the latest trends, to share our technical know-how, learn about local customs and wines to bring informed and personalised advice about our microbiological solutions, based on each winemaker’s particular objectives and requirements.