Using an extensive history in research and development, proven results, and knowledge from experience, Lallemand Bio-Ingredients (LBI) applies the right yeasts for the right applications to generate the greatest impact for our customers.
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Lallemand Bio-Ingredients develops, manufactures and markets high-value yeast products including whole cell nutritional yeast, yeast extracts, and other yeast derivatives.

Created in 1987, the Lallemand Bio-Ingredients business unit – with headquarters in Montreal, Canada – has production facilities in Canada, the United States, Estonia, Denmark, and Norway. Leveraging knowledge accrued from our activity in industries such as baking, animal health, and others, LBI developed and produced a dedicated line of yeast-derived ingredients, initially focusing on yeast extracts for the food industry and for industrial fermentation. Success in these areas prompted continued expansion of the business, which now includes mineral- and vitamin-rich yeasts, ingredients for human health conditions, enzymes for industrial applications and products for pet food. LBI continues to innovate, in order to meet customers’ needs in ever-evolving market conditions.

Lallemand Bio-Ingredients is committed to partnering with customers to meet their specific requirements with proprietary natural products and service solutions. Today, the business unit includes five application areas:

  • Savory for food applications.
  • Health for dietary supplement and functional food solutions.
  • Industrial fermentation to boost growth and yield of microorganisms in industrial environments.
  • Enzymes for industrial applications.
  • Pet Food for companion animals.