At a glance

Lallemand is a privately-held Canadian company that specializes in the development, production, and marketing of yeasts, bacteria, and their derivatives. Lallemand provides microbiological solutions for dozens of different industries, from human and animal health and nutrition to baking, oenology, brewing, food ingredients, probiotics, and biofuels.

Lallemand has a proprietary bank of yeast and bacteria that includes thousands of genetically-identified strains. With the goal of reproducing, managing, and optimizing natural fermentation processes, Lallemand can offer their customers not only the precise microorganism or derivative that fits their unique needs, but also the support, knowledge, and expertise that comes with over a hundred years of continuous research in this field.

The company is organized into 11 technically-driven business units focused on various yeast and bacteria applications:

Baking Yeast
Animal Nutrition
Health Solutions
Biofuels and Distilled Spirits (fuel ethanol and spirits)
Manufacturing and Specialty Cultures
Plant Care

Other activities of Lallemand include ownership of a 65% share of the Macco Group, which produces specialty salts of organic acids and mineral salts.