A new bioprotective solution to control Listeria monocytogenes contaminations

Jun 13, 2022

When it comes to bioprotective solutions, Lallemand Specialty Cultures (LSC) strives to cater to all cheese makers. The contamination of cheeses by Listeria monocytogenes represents a major concern for the dairy industry as it can generate tremendous impacts from production losses to consumer food poisoning.

In order to answer the rising demand for a natural and safe solution to this critical issue, LSC now offers the LALCULT® Protect LC1, a bioprotective culture composed of an exclusive Carnobacterium maltaromaticum strain patented by the University of Lorraine, a renowned French university.

➡️ Learn more about this new solution on our dedicated page (EN/FR) : https://specialty-cultures.lallemand.com/lalcult-protect-lc1/