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Lallemand is a producer of both yeast and bacteria, with facilities, distribution centers and other sites located in Europe, North America and Southern Africa.

Yeast plants

- In Canada: Montréal, QC (fresh bakers yeast and distilling yeast, dry bakers and specialty yeasts, bulk for inactive yeast)

- In the U.S.A.: Baltimore, MD, Memphis, TN (fresh bakers yeast), Rhinelander, WI (inactive dry torula yeast)

- In Europe: Vienna, Austria (fresh bakers, dry bakers and specialty yeasts;  microencapsuled yeast), Schwarzenbach, Passau, Germany (fresh bakers yeast), Tallinn, Estonia (fresh bakers and inactive dry yeast), Grenaa, Denmark (fresh bakers and dry specialty yeast, and yeast autolysates and extracts), Setubal, Portugal (fresh and dry bakers yeast), Trencin, Slovakia (packaging of fresh bakers yeast), Josefow, Poland (fresh bakers yeast), and Felixstowe, UK (fresh and dry bakers yeast, and distilling yeasts)

- In Africa: Durban (fresh & dry bakers yeasts, fresh and dry specialty yeasts) and Johannesburg, South Africa (dry bakers yeasts and dry specialty yeasts)

Bacteria plants

- In Canada: Montréal, QC (Rosell plant mostly for human nutrition applications), Mirabel (Harmonium) and Quebec City (Perfectlab, packing plant)

- In the U.S.A.: Milwaukee, WI (mostly for animal nutrition applications)

- In Europe: Malvern, UK (animal nutrition applications); Aurillac, France (for human nutrition and pharmaceutical applications); Vienna, Austria (microencapsuled bacteria)

Other plants

- In North America: Valleyfield, QC (Macco Organiques, organic acid salts); Cuautitlan, Mexico (baking powders and dough conditioners); Bakersfield, CA (warehouse, standardization and distribution center for cream yeast).

- In South America: Brasil (Blends for silage and ruminant farmpacks)

- In Europe: Burton-upon-Trent, U.K. (brewing ingredients), Bruntal, Czech Republic (Macco SRO, organic acid salts), Fredericia, Denmark (dry yeast packaging and warehousing), Panevezys, Lithuania (distribution center), Krakow, Poland (distribution center)

Other sites

Sales offices and/or sales representatives in the above-mentioned countries, as well as

- In South America: Argentina, Chile

- In Asia-Pacific: Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, India, Malasia

- In Europe: Croatia, Spain, Italy, Iceland, Lithuania, Netherlands, Romania, Switzerland, Serbia

Plus various distribution centers in many of the above countries