Organic Yeast

A Range of Yeast Products Now Available as Organic

The organic market is one of the fastest-growing food sectors in the world: fueled by an increasing demand for healthy and more natural food and a growing respect to the environment. By using organic yeast, producers are able to effectively tap into this growing, high-value market.

At Lallemand we can support producers for serving the organic market. In our certified organic yeast production facilities we put in action our robust expertise, gained over decades of yeast manufacturing experience, to ensure that our organic yeast behaves at the highest standards of quality.

We produce a wide range of organic yeast for the baking, oenology, food and health ingredients industries. Join us to make organic products with organic ingredients whenever available.

To answer all your questions about organic yeast, how it is used in the different applications, and how your baked products can benefit from it just click here. For more information on other products, click here or send an email to