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AB Vickers was the first company to introduce patented freeze-dried isinglass to breweries and wineries.

In early 2001, Lallemand purchased AB Vickers Ltd. Vickers has a history of over 200 years in the manufacture and supply of process aids to the brewing industry. Initially focused on products used in the clarification of beer, the company subsequently broadened its product range and has developed a significant global business, supplying process aids to breweries on every continent.

The product range includes both traditional and innovative products, from original isinglass formulations to a comprehensive range of non-GMO enzymes.

The use of traditional spectrophotometric techniques to assess clarification and stability is complemented by modern analytical techniques such as particle size analysis and quantitative assessment of the complex chemical compounds that contribute to beer stability.

AB Vickers originally developed the production of paste isinglass and holds patents in this area, including the direct injection of isinglass into the beer. The company was also first to introduce patented freeze-dried isinglass to breweries and wineries.

Our constant technological innovation and expertise, combined with many decades of experience, contribute to exceptionally high levels of client satisfaction. The technical expertise and in-brewery support we offer adds real value to our customers’ business.