Lallemand European Yeast


Lallemand strives to be not just a supplier, but a long-term partner. We know our success depends on your success and we are focused on providing committed support to the baking industry.

Lallemand, whose bakers yeast activities were originally confined to North America, became active in Europe through its leading development of specialty yeasts (e.g. wine yeasts) starting in the 1970s. It was only in 1993 however that it became involved in the baker’s yeast on this continent, with its purchase of a yeast plant in Estonia, Salutaguse Pärmitehas.

In the course of the 1990s, Salutaguse then bought a Lithuanian yeast company in Panevezys, which marketed its products under the brand name Sema Mieles. Lallemand was thus strengthening its presence in the Baltic and Eastern European countries. The Lithuanian plant became a distribution center of the Group in Europe. Salutaguse Pãrmitehas distributes fresh bakers yeast in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and the Kaliningrad region of Russia. It also exports inactive dried yeast worldwide through the Lallemand network.

Buying the Austrian yeast producer Harmer Hefe with its plant in Ottakring (a district of Vienna), Lallemand got a chance to enlarge its baker’s yeast activities towards the Western European markets. Harmer Hefe soon created a joint venture with Giegold Hefe, a Bavarian yeast producer, to launch Hagold Hefe GmbH. The latter operates several yeast production plants which added up along the years: Giegold’s production plant in Schwarzenbach-an-der-Saale (Germany), the plant of Old Herold in Trencin, Slovakia (acquired in 2000), the plant of F.X. Wieninger in Passau, Germany (2004), as well as the Linco Hefe business in Heilbronn, acquired in 2006. In 2010 the Hagold Group established a distribution company in Baia Mare, in the Northern part of Romania, to establish a presence in this large market. Hagold Hefe operates its own distribution system in Southern Germany and Austria and exports at this time to France, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary, Sweden and Greece.

In 2006, Lallemand GmbH (formerly Harmer Hefe), of which the original plant in Vienna is now primarily dedicated to the micro-encapsulation of yeast and bacteria, acquired three Polish plants: in Lublin, Cracow and Jozefow (close to Warsaw). The production is now concentrated in Lublin and Jozefow, whereas Cracow serves as a distribution center.

In 2007, Lallemand GmbH purchased Suomen Hiiva Oy, a Finnish yeast company operating a yeast plant in Lahti, Finland, and marketing its fresh baker’s yeast in Finland and Russia. It also acquired De Danske Gaerfabrikker AS, a Danish yeast and molasses alcohol company with a plant located in Grenå, which markets its fresh baker’s yeast and molasses alcohol in Denmark as well as produces specialty yeast and yeast autolysates for the Lallemand Specialty Division.

In 2009, Lallemand acquired from AB Mauri the GBI (ex DSM) baker’s yeast business in Spain and Portugal as well as the AB Mauri yeast plant located in Setúbal (south of Lisbon). The Setúbal plant is the only bakers yeast plant operating in Portugal and produces fresh bakers yeast as well as instant dry yeast for the Iberian markets as well as export markets, notably Africa. Furthermore, the acquisition from Cie des Levures Lesaffre of the company GB Ingredients Ltd (GBI) was completed. GBI operates a yeast business in the UK and Ireland from its factory based in Felixstowe. The Felixstowe yeast plant is one of only two existing baker’s yeast plants in the UK and is also the largest one, with capacities to produce baker’s and distiller’s fresh cream and compressed yeasts as well as instant dry yeast for the European and world markets.

The Lallemand Denmark subsidiary in Fredericia, Denmark, is a packing and logistics center for everything concerning dry specialty yeasts.