Lallemand Baking Solutions


Lallemand Baking Solutions specializes in the development and application of enzyme-based dough conditioners, yeast-based dough relaxers, and sour dough starters. It is a subsidiary of Lallemand, the Canadian yeast and bacteria producer, and has offices in Montreal, Chicago, and Toulouse.

Lallemand was an early producer of dough conditioners and sour dough starters, and has grown through a combination of internal development and acquisitions. In 1995, it acquired the North American baking enzymes business of Gist-Brocades (now DSM) which became part of Lallemand’s American Yeast division and was later named Lallemand Advanced Baking Solutions.

In 2001, Lallemand acquired the sour dough starter culture business of Chr. Hansen, which became part of Lallemand’s European yeast division and was named Lallemand Specialty Bakery.

In 2006, the North American and European businesses were combined, expanded, and given a new global identity as Lallemand Baking Solutions/Solutions de Boulangerie Lallemand.

Our products

Lallemand Baking Solutions supplies enzyme-based dough conditioners, yeast-based dough relaxers, and sour dough starters:
– Essential® dough conditioners replace gluten, emulsifiers, and chemical oxidizers with label-friendly ingredients.
– Fermaid® dough relaxers replace L-cysteine to standardize flour and shorten mix times.
– Florapan® baking cultures provide a convenient and consistent way to produce traditional and innovative types of sour dough bread.

Lallemand Baking Solutions also provides special strains of active yeast for specific applications and markets, including Protected Active Dry Yeast (PADY) and aromatic yeast.

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