Lallemand/ American Yeast


Lallemand strives to be not just a supplier, but a long-term partner. We know our success depends on your success and we are focused on providing committed support to the baking industry.

The Lallemand/American Yeast Team

The personnel and facilities of the Lallemand/American Yeast Division in the United States, Mexico and Canada are strategically located to meet the changing needs of today’s baking industry. Our fleet of refrigerated trucks and contract carriers ensures prompt delivery of both yeast and baking ingredients.

Our team of dedicated and uniquely experienced sales people, drivers, customer service personnel and technical service representatives is there to help your team achieve your objectives.

Distribution of yeast and other ingredients

A network of distributors provides reliable, cost-effective delivery to the intermediate and retail baking trade. Distribution centres at selected points help the plants serve markets in the United States, Mexico and Canada with quality fresh yeast and ingredients.

The Lallemand/American Yeast Division is the only yeast company in the United States and Canada which still operates its own fleet of refrigerated trucks with its own drivers. This ensures unrivalled service and quality assurance from our yeast plants all the way to the wholesale bakery plants.

Along with the yeast products, many other ingredients are distributed by our fleet to help bakers reliably meet, just in time, their weekly ingredient requirements, ensuring faster rotation of perishable ingredients and minimizing working capital needs and space.

Quality Assurance and R&D

Lallemand/American Yeast is pursuing certification under the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) in order to allow our baker partners to comply with this new mandate. The American Institute of Baking Registration Services (AIBRS) has certified the Montréal, Memphis and Cuautitlán facilities to ISO 9002 standards.

Extensive research and development, as well as quality control, back all Lallemand/American Yeast products. In some cases, we source products from reliable producers. This flexibility enables us to provide the best combination of price, quality and selection. In other words – the best value!

Our yeast rich in vitamin D

To help satisfy consumers’ quest for more natural and vitamin D-rich ingredients, Lallemand’s yeast is exposed to a source of light that naturally transforms the sterols present in yeast into vitamin D, during the regular production process. In this way, all Lallemand bakers yeasts (Eagle Yeast®,  American Yeast® and Instaferm®) are natural and vegetarian sources of vitamin D that can enhance the vitamin D content of baked goods and bread in particular. To learn more: