Research and development

Animal Nutrition

Research and development is conducted through a combination of internal projects and external collaborations:

  • Basic genetic and fermentation research is done in Lallemand’s laboratory at the Biotechnology Research Institute (BRI) in Montreal (Canada).
  • Process development and scale-up takes place in Toulouse (France) and Montreal.
  • Applied animal nutrition research is done by Lallemand staff based in two Ruminant Centres of Excellence: INRA (national agricultural research institute in France) and BRI (Canada).
  • Application studies for animal nutrition products and silage inoculants in Europe is carried out in collaboration with, among others, INRA and Arvalis (France), RAP (Switzerland), University of Nottingham, AFBI (United Kingdom), the universities of Munich and Leipzig (Germany), IRTA (Spain), the universities of Milan and Padova (Italy), University of Olsztyn (Poland), University of Aahrus (Denmark), University of Szeged (Hungary) and the University of Ghent (Belgium).

In North America, application studies are also done in collaboration with universities and institutes including: the United States Department of Agriculture, Michigan State University, Kansas State University, Washington State University, Oklahoma State University, University of Florida, the University of Minnesota, the University of California – Davis, the University of Delaware and the University of Wisconsin (U.S.); the Food Research and Development Centre in Saint-Hyacinthe and with the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, at various locations.