Animal Nutrition


Lallemand Animal Nutrition is a primary manufacturer that researches, develops and markets microbial strains that are scientifically selected and proven to enhance nutritional performance.

Silage inoculants

Forage crops harvested for silage contain a natural population of “good” microorganisms that ensile the crop, and “bad” microorganisms such as harmful yeasts, molds and other bacteria that can cause poor fermentation and excessive dry matter, energy and nutrient losses. Because all silages are different, Lallemand Animal Nutrition offers premium ranges of crop-specific silage additives, developed and tested with leading agricultural institutions. Specifically selected bacteria strains to fortify the population of “good” microbes. Proven to achieve better dry matter and nutrient retention. Better quality, more palatable silages.

Yeast and bacteria probiotics

Probiotics are strain-specific beneficial live yeast or bacteria organisms that positively influence the animal’s digestive function and health. Including probiotics in the diet can help optimize rumen or gut function, enhance digestibility, protect against harmful microorganisms and support a stronger natural defenses.

  • Specific yeast and bacteria strains are scientifically proven to positively impact digestive balance throughout the animal’s life.
  • Each probiotic is vigorously scrutinized to assure product efficacy and consistency.

Yeast derivatives and antioxidants

Yeast derivatives consist of specific inactive yeast products carefully processed to enhance specific parietal polysaccharides or cytoplasmic compounds, such as nucleotide sources. Selenium- and glutathione-enriched yeast provide strong antioxidant protection to the animals.

  • Specific needs of animals are addressed such as maintaining beneficial gut microflora balance or helping combat stress.
  • Approved for all animal species.

Specific Technologies

  • TITAN®: is a unique patented coating technology to protect live yeast for pelleting feed processing.
  • HIGH CONCENTRATION TECHNOLOGY: Specific silage inoculant formulation adapted to ultra low-volume applicators for more autonomy, higher solubility and concentration.