Lallemand Baking Presents at the 32nd VH Berlin Conference in Potsdam

May 10, 2019

On April 15-16 was the 32nd VH Berlin Conference in Potsdam. Lallemand Baking was happy to give a talk on Deconstructing myths about bakers yeast and baking products, where our nutritionist Jacinthe Côté presented real evidence about some popular myths promoted by influential self-proclaimed health and wellness gurus. Other highlights of the conference include:

Nerve Zhou from the department of biological science and biotechnology from the International University of Science and Technology presented alternative bakers yeast for modern bakery.

Alain Le-Bail from ONIRIS UMR GRPEA in France gave a talk about Online cell density measurement to improve process insight of yeast fermentation.

John Morrissey from the School of Microbiology, University College Cork who talked about Yeast strain improvement strategies for baking applications.