Lallemand Baking Introduces Lal^Ferm – The new brand for Fresh Bakers Yeast

Apr 8, 2019

Montreal, Canada, April 08th, 2019 – Lallemand Baking introduces a new brand for fresh bakers yeast in North America. Lal^Ferm will now be the new face for legendary Eagle brand – new name but same quality bakers yeast. This brand will offer Bakers tailored yeast solutions for their applications (lean dough, sweet dough, rich dough, frozen dough, flexible proofing, Vitamin D rich, etc.).

During the month of April, our bakers yeast plants across Canada and the US will implement the brand change. The yeast products impacted are all 2 and 5 lbs blocks and 50 lbs bags:
– Eagle 5 lbs block yeast red box packaging will be replaced by Lal^Ferm No1 5lbs red packaging.
– Eagle 2 lbs block yeast green box packaging will be replaced by Lal^Ferm No2 2 lbs gold packaging.
– Eagle 50 lbs crumble yeast will be replaced by Lal^Ferm 50 lbs packaging.

This packaging brand change will not have any impact on yeast performance and quality.

“The Lal^Ferm brand carries the strong heritage of Eagle and will continue to deliver consistent quality, backed by our excellent service. We are also excited about Lal^Ferm’s innovative opportunities as we consider new products for the market,” says Audrey St. Onge, President of Lallemand’s North American Bakers Yeast Business.

For more information: lallemandbaking/lal-ferm