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Aug 1, 2016

Lallemand Animal Nutrition participates in the International Symposium on Camelids

Tours, France – Lallemand Animal Nutrition took part in the 3rd Camelid Reproduction Satellite meeting at the 18th International Congress of Animal Reproduction (ICAR 2016) on July 1st and 2nd 2016. This biennial scientific event gathered experts from various countries such as France, Morocco, Italy, Soudan, Emirates, Oman, Peru, Chile, Argentina, USA, Australia and Austria to discuss and exchange about the advancement of research and development in camel, alpaca and llama breeding.

The meeting was devoted to reproduction, a field that has seen great progress in the recent past, as well as the social, economic and sportive interest of camelids. Many presentations concerned nutrition, in particular the issue of certain nutrient deficiencies such as selenium. In this context, the Chairman of the conference, Dr Peter Nagy, technical Director of the largest camel dairy farm in the Emirates, presented the positive results obtained using Lallemand additives. He explained the benefits of LEVUCELL® SC on camel digestive comfort, milk production (+ 0.7 L milk), and quality (reduction of mastitis risks and somatic cells counts).

Future projects for large camel dairy farms have been announced in Morocco, Sudan, and Oman. There is interest in optimizing dairy production as dairy is a valuable protein source for populations in arid climates.

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