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Lallemand Animal Nutrition hosts its 2nd Aquaculture technical meeting in India

After the great success of its first aquaculture technical meeting in Bangkok in 2012, Lallemand Animal Nutrition was pleased to host in Chennai, India, the 2nd Aquaculture technical meeting dedicated to “Microbial Management at Farm level.”

More than 250 participants from Europe, Latin America, Middle East and South East Asia were present in March 2016 and attended highly technical presentations about bioremediation and management of shrimp microbial community. This seminar was the opportunity to exchange about latest strategies of microbial management and to address some of the major issues faced by shrimp farmers today in terms of water quality and new pathologies.

Experts from Denmark, Brazil, Vietnam and France presented advanced research as well as practical results and solutions. Special focus was placed on bettering the understanding of pond bioremediation and shrimp intestinal microbiota role and modulation. Latest scientific results on major diseases faced by shrimp farmers such as EHP, White Feces or AHPND (EMS) and dedicated solutions including BACTOCELL®, YANG® and LALSEA® Biorem were discussed during the seminar. Finally, some very innovative shrimp farming concepts were presented to complete the session.

During this event, Lallemand Animal Nutrition team was very pleased to reward one of its best partners in India, Avanti Feeds Limited, for its long-term cooperation. On the second day, participants discovered in Ponneri the R&D center at Fisheries College and Research Institute of the Tamil Nadu Fisheries University. Finally, participants visited some shrimp farms around Chennai which offered them a better understanding of shrimp farmers’ issues and practices in this area.