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Oct 25, 2016

Four products from Lallemand Oenology win awards at Intervitis Interfructa (Germany)

IONYSWF™, MLPrime™, Malotabs™ and Bactiless™ received special awards and Innovation awards at INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA HORTITECHNICA .  The products were honored for their contribution towards progress in the wine, fruit juice and special crop industries.  The Innovation Award is awarded by the German Winegrowers’ Association in cooperation with DLG (German Agricultural Society) for technical processes, systems, products or services.  The German team led by Karl Burger, Sibylle Krieger and Paul Zeiss supported the products developed by our R&D and colloborators, which were positively received by the jury.


The wine yeast IONYSWF™ received this special award as the jury recognized the growing concern regarding the increased levels of alcohol in wine but decreased acidity. This wine yeast helps to naturally lower the pH and lower alcohol levels resulting in more balanced wines.

SPECIAL AWARD – Bactiless™
Climate change causes pH increases in wines, and consequently the risk of bacterial spoilage. Bactiless™ a chitosan derivative for efficient control of bacterial populations in wine received a special award as the jury honored the innovative approach of expanding the spectrum of effects of chitosan in reducing the effect of spoilage bacteria

This user-friendly preparation of wine bacteria received an innovation award as it greatly facilitate the work of winemakers during the winemaking process.  Malotabs™ can be used in both hard-to-reach large tanks and in barrels as it contains the exact inoculum for individual barrels.

With this innovative homofermentative Lactobacillus plantarum,  malic acid degradation in red wines can be achieved in co-inoculations in high pH wines. The precocious completion of MLF brings distinct advantages for early release wines without the risk of acetic acid production.

Four products from Lallemand Oenology win awards at Intervitis Interfructa (Germany)