Environment, Social & Governance (ESG)

At Lallemand, we believe that microbial solutions can contribute towards several of the most pressing challenges we collectively face today, including enjoying a healthier life, developing sustainable energy sources, ensuring biodiversity, feeding the planet, and tackling climate change.

Furthermore, we are strongly convinced that our core focus on microorganisms will become even more relevant as our contribution to these objectives increases over time.

We are in an industry of the future, one whose possibilities seem endless. Indeed, the indispensable role of microbes in the production of food and alcohol continues to fascinate and attract interest, while over the past decades, the benefits of microorganisms for human, animal and plant health have increasingly come to the forefront.

Supported by our long experience in these fields, our vision is to be one of the leading actors in microbial solutions, specialized in growing selected microorganisms and bringing to the market both traditional and innovative offerings for our clients and partners.