From 1952 to 1989

Our history


In addition to baker’s yeast, Lallemand expands into the production and distribution of ingredients and products for Canadian industrial, institutional and consumer food markets.


With trade liberalisation, yeast imports into Canada surge threatening local yeast industry.

Lallemand responds by focusing all efforts on the production and marketing of yeasts and a selected items to industrial bakers, divesting of all unrelated activities.


Initial exports of  dry baker’s yeast.


First production of  distiller’s yeast.


Start of production of wine yeast for Californian markets.


First major expansion of Montréal Préfontaine plant.

Initial exports of wine yeasts to Europe.


Second expansion of Montréal Préfontaine plant and start of fresh baker’s yeast export to USA.


Establishment of permanent European sales office in Toulouse, France.


Initial production of malolactic cultures for Champagne, supplied by Institut Rosell.


Acquisition of specialty salts of organic acids producer Macco Organiques Inc., including  its production facilities.


Acquisition of bacteria plant in Aurillac, France,  yeast drying facilities in Denmark and the Uvaferm wine yeast business.


Acquisition of  American Yeast, with plants in Baltimore, Maryland, and major expansion of this plant.