Our culture

Lallemand takes great care to maintain a strong, enriching organizational culture: we view our unique corporate culture as one of the most important keys to our success.

The four factors that guide Lallemand’s company philosophy are:

1) We strive to ensure everyone at Lallemand embraces and develops their own determination, passion and enthusiasm.

2) We create an environment in which audacity and decisiveness are celebrated, and where trial and error is not only accepted, but encouraged.

3) We embrace talent regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability or national origin. We believe that the diversity of our people drives innovation, and that fostering an open culture is essential for a free exchange of information. We carve out dedicated time for these exchanges to occur because, in the end, nobody has a monopoly on good ideas.

4) We are on a relentless search for a better way of doing things. We persistently explore ways to improve the quality of our products and processes, our productivity, and the innovations we offer our customers, partners, and the market.