A successful first Italian edition of the Wine Yeast Nutrition School

May 29, 2019

More than 100 Italian winemakers and wine consultants were invited to Bologna, Italy, on May 16th to the educational seminar Wine Yeast Nutrition School (WYNS). The meeting was organized in collaboration with our distributor VINTECH and the winemakers’ associations from Emilia and Romagna. The objective of this WYNS was to have the participants understand the mechanisms involved during alcoholic fermentation (AF), notably those relating to the nutrition of selected natural wine yeast to ensure a complete and successful AF and high quality in wines.

The academic speakers and Lallemand experts presented various topics to the guests coming from different Italian wine regions; what is the role and how to manage the nutrition of wine yeast to improve the AF kinetics: what is the metabolism of nitrogen in wine yeast and how it impacts the development of yeasts, the fermentative activity and the aromas; how an unbalanced nutrition of wine yeast during AF can impact yeast viability and sensorial deviations; how the environmental factors impact the synthesis kinetics of fermentative aromas; a review of the varietal aromas in the wine were some of the topics covered by our speakers during this all-day event, which ended up with experimental wine tastings to assess the effects of a well-balanced and successful wine yeast nutrition.

This first-time event in Italy was a major success. Participants left the Wine Yeast Nutrition School with an in-depth knowledge of the importance of a proper yeast nutrition to achieve great wines. The event also gave us the opportunity to strengthen our relationships with our clients and partners and will pave the way to many other Wine Yeast Nutrition Schools in Italy.