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Lallemand boasts a range of over 200 different yeasts and bacteria strains developed for wine, spirits (e.g., Cognac, rum, brandy, whisky and fruit alcohol), beer, cider and industrial alcohol obtained from different substrates.

Yeast for oenology:

Inspired by observing the extraordinary natural diversity of fermenting organisms, in the late 1970s Lallemand began selecting and producing yeast strains specific to oenology.

Lallemand’s product range currently includes 150 different wine yeasts, each carefully selected among the diverse native microflora in winegrowing regions.

Most of the yeasts available for wine fermentation are now grown under an inovative, optimized production process called YSEO® for Yeast Security Optimization. This process is particularly important in today’s winemaking conditions.

The Lallemand range of yeasts allows winemakers the flexibility to make wines according to their own criteria and preferences.

These include:

– Reliable fermentation

– Respect for regional diversity through the full expression of the potential of the grapes and the complexity of aromas

– Technological effects through the release of aromatic precursors, and to enhance colour stability, mouthfeel and volume

– Prise de Mousse for Champagne and sparkling wines

– Restarting stuck fermentations.

Yeast for cider and distilled spirits:

Several specialty yeasts are available for traditional alcoholic ciders and fruit-based spirits.

Oenological bacteria:

Lallemand has produced oenological bacteria since the mid- 1980s, and offers a range of highly concentrated freeze-dried bacteria, available in different forms, for malolactic fermentation, including MBR®, 1- STEP® and STANDARD.

Recent research focuses on matching specific bacteria strains with specific yeasts to give the winemaker the desired sensory impact. The Lallemand range of oenological bacteria gives winemakers the ability to choose the culture that is best for their needs and constraints.

These include:

– The availability of time and equipment

– The biochemical characteristics of the wine to be treated

– Production cost objectives

– The wine style desired


Developed through its international network and biotechnology expertise, Lallemand offers a range of enzymes (Lallzyme®) for settling, clarification and extraction.

Fermentation nutrients and specialty inactivated yeast:

FERMAID® is an original and unique compound made from inactive yeast and other special ingredients. Whether used to avoid sluggish and stuck fermentations, or to restart a vat where fermentation has ceased, FERMAID® improves both fermentation performance and sensory characteristics.

A new range of nutrients (Go-Ferm Protect®, OptiRED® and OptiWHITE®, Opti’Malo® Plus and Acti-ML®) has now been released.

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