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Lallemand Manufacturing Services (LMS) offers knowledge and expertise in bacterial fermentation for customised projects.

LMS works closely with its partners and delivers R&D up to production services, from specific bacterial cultures in bulk to finished goods form.

In addition, our customers can benefit from the company’s patented technologies for improving bacteria survival in specific conditions such as gastric acidity for Probiocap™ microencapsulation technology.

Lallemand covers competence in such fields as bacteria production for Dairy Applications, Nutrition, Food or pharmaceutical applications.

We can supply bacteria in freeze-dried powder form or in frozen bottles with a commitment to high quality standards (ICHQ7A, BPF Pharma, ISO 9001, HACCP et FAMI-QS).

All your customer inquiries are managed through a dedicated and highly experienced team.

For additional info please contact us at : lms@lallemand.com