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Lallemand strives to create a worldwide “one big family” atmosphere for its employees by encouraging teamwork, positive work environments, and a strong communication base with its customers.

The company’s goal is to provide great service, reliable and creditable information concerning their products, and to supply quality goods and services to its customers. Expansion and growth are also important goals for Lallemand, through the progress they aim to maintain their entrepreneurial spirit and uphold a strong connection to the client’s requests.

Lallemand’s strong innovative approach is an essential element to its success and sustainability in excelling and distinguishing itself from its global competitors within the yeast industry. It is constantly working to promote existing products, developing new efficient methods, and researching new applications for yeast and bacteria applications to be trend setters in the market.

An environmentally-friendly method of production, distribution, and sales for its yeast products is another important innovation for Lallemand. Finding useful applications for its recycled fermentation waste, monitoring carbon emissions of its delivery trucks, and shipping in liquid bulk format (reducing packing) are amongst a few of the innovative ways that Lallemand aims to be friendly to the environment. Another green feature is collecting bio-gas to generate energy in some of its plants. Lallemand is constantly upgrading its production technologies to ensure that their production is within regulations and does not harm the environment.

Lallemand is constantly looking for new improvements for its company through developments of new products or new applications such as organic yeast, replacing herbicides and pesticides through organic methods, biological solutions, organic farming products and green plant care.

As a worldwide company, Lallemand offers a diverse workforce for its employees and provides them with a variety of work ethics while aiming to achieve the common goals of being a top choice for its customers.

Lallemand’s employees are hardworking, dedicated, passionate, and proud to be a part of the ever-expanding family company and strive to maintain high standards within the offices throughout the world.